Why You Should Book Hotels with Traveloka App


With more rain and gloomy skies to be expected in the coming days and months, a trip up north with colder breeze and pine trees sound like the perfect escape. It’s actually been a while since Beep and I went on a trip, with the last one being a beach trip last May. Since it’s Beep’s birthday this coming August, we thought why not book a hotel in Baguio for some much-needed R&R and do some ukay-ukay (thrift store) shopping, which Beep is an expert in, believe it or not.

Last week, Beep and I booked a flight using the Traveloka App and got big savings because of all the neat tricks and features of the app that we’ve discovered. Aside from the flight booking feature, it also lets you book hotels. Since we we were so impressed, we used the app too to book a room in the Grand Sierra Pines Hotel in Baguio for the long weekend next month. And as expected, we got the best deal for the hotel too just as we did with the flights.


If you’re planning a trip or a staycation anytime soon, you should definitely book your hotel with Traveloka App. Here’s why:

1. No hidden charges = more savings

Beep and I used to book either directly in hotel websites or other third-party booking sites thinking that we already got the best deals. But when we started the hotel booking process with Traveloka App, we checked the hotel’s website and our most frequently used third-party booking site first to see which offered the cheapest price for the same room. And the winner? Traveloka App! The third-party app added a 12% tax and 10% service charge (an additional PHP800) to the room price, the hotel website offered the room for an additional PHP1900 from the Traveloka App price, while the price that Traveloka App first showed us remained the same until we proceeded to payment.

2. App-exclusive promo codes for more discounts 

We used a promo code that they released for that week and we got less PHP600 on our total payment! Traveloka has regular promo codes exclusively for its app users that is deducted from your total fee. You can find these promo codes in their social media accounts and their website.

3. #TreatYourselfThursday deals

Aside from promo codes, they also have deals every Thursdays up to Saturdays where they offer hotel discounts up to 40%, which you can combine with other promos!!!

4. Search for hotels based on your preference and budget

We found it easy to look for the perfect hotel that met our needs and budget with the app’s filters. It already categorizes hotels into Budget and Luxury. Once you’ve chosen the category, you can further filter the search results with other filter settings such as price range per night, star rating, facilities, and even area! We found Grand Sierra Pines Hotel after choosing the Luxury category (hey, it is Beep’s birthday so we we can splurge a little) and filtering Hotels near parks.

5. Traveloka users + TripAdvisor reviews

One rule of thumb when booking hotels? Always check the reviews! Traveloka App has 2 sets of reviews: their own users and TripAdvisor’s. The ratings are already shown in the search results while you’re browsing the list and you can also sort the list by highest rating aside from the price.

6. No credit card? No problem

Like the payment options for flight booking, you can pay with a Credit/Debit card, Over-the-Counter (7-Eleven, pawnshops, coins.ph) and Bank Deposit via Dragonpay. You also have an hour allowance to pay for your hotel booking.
Booking the hotel room was fast and easy, like booking our flights with the app. We got the hotel voucher in the My Booking page in just a matter of minutes.
Beep and I have officially become Traveloka app addicts thanks to all these features that give us big discounts. I also just booked my parents a flight for August using the app, and unlike booking in airline websites, it didn’t take us an hour browsing through all those sites to find the best deals. My mom was also especially happy about the promo code that deducted PHP600 off her total payment.
If you want to get huge discounts and find the best deals – you should download the Traveloka app now!