Chibugan Republik: A Must-Visit in Tayabas, Quezon


A typical date for most couples is to catch the latest flick. But for foodie couple Brian and Blanca, their typical date is to eat, eat, and EAT. They love food so much that they even have a list of restaurants to try, not only in Manila but also out of town. I came to know Brian through work back in 2010. Our team were always excited for Mondays because Brian, who hails from Quezon, would always bring us food that he highly-recommends and because he was on a strict diet and can’t eat them. I remember that a part of the introduction for him was that he had a must-read funny blog called Mahirap Maging Mataba (go read it yourself and I’m sure you’ll backread it until reason #1).


Foodie couple Brian and Blanca. Photo from Brian’s blog

Aside from bringing us yummy food, he would also tell us about their foodie adventures in mouthwatering detail. One time, he posted this photo and we asked him about it. I swear, we were almost salivating because of the way he described the Butter Biscuit Toast from Botan — from the texture, taste, to the smell. When the opportunity came, we rushed to Botan and OMFG that Butter Biscuit is to die for! That’s why when it comes to food reviews, Brian’s the most credible foodie blogger in my book. He’s not only an honest food reviewer, the way he writes is unique too! Check out his blog Eat Pray Make Love.


Botan’s Strawberry and Butter Biscuit Toast. Photo by Brian. 

Brian and Blanca’s love for food led them to starting their own hole in the wall restaurant in 2011 at Tayabas, Quezon called Chibugan Republik. Last May, we were invited by Brian to dine in Chibugan Republik after our Puting Buhangin weekend getaway.



Chibugan Republik is a modest-looking restaurant that serves affordable yet really good eats. They offer comfort foods like Filipino favorites tapsilog and  pares. 


Chibugan Republik’s very flavorful Chamami is only P55 but it’s good for 2

Even before Brian opened Chibugan Republik, he was already making their signature melts-in-your-mouth leche flan and bringing some to the office for us to devour. How do I even begin describing Brian’s leche flan.. let’s just say that it’s hands down the best leche flan EVER. It’s so good that you’ll want to kidnap Brian and lock him up in your kitchen to make leche flan for your daily consumption. Yes, it’s orgasmically good enough for you to make Brian your leche flan-making slave. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the leche flan though because we attacked it as soon as it was placed in our table.



If you ever go on a trip to Tayabas, Quezon, NEVER pass up on the opportunity to eat at Chibugan Republik. If you do see Brian there, please don’t kidnap him. :)

UPDATE (June 2014): Brian and Blanca opened Big Boy’s Chibugan last Dec 2013 in Lucena, which is like a big brother of Chibugan Republik. We haven’t gone there yet but we hope we will very soon!