How to Score Cheaper Flights with Traveloka App

traveloka app

If you’re one of those people who always find yourself on the lookout for seat sales and staying up until midnight to battle for the limited discounted plane seats, you know all too well that scoring cheap plane tickets take a lot of patience, fast typing skills, and of course, stable Internet connection.

We know your struggle. As budget travelers, we enjoy our trips more when we know that we didn’t have to shell out a ton of cash to fly to/from our destination. That’s why even if it means having sleepless nights, we battle it out online during seat sales to get those good deals.

We’ve blogged before about our tips and tricks to getting better airfare deals. While those tried and tested tips still help us bag awesome cheap flights, we wanted more ways to get bigger savings – and we’ve found an answer in Traveloka App.

We’ve been playing around with the app for some time now and recently booked a flight with it. If you’re a budget traveler, this is one app that you should have on your phone.

Why you should download the app

1. Traveloka has regular app-exclusive promos for more savings. They also have special app promo codes that they offer for first time bookers. You can find these promo codes in their website, the Traveloka App, their Facebook page, and their email newsletters. These are deducted from your total fee at the payment page. This is our favorite Traveloka App feature and we’re sure you’re gonna love it too!

traveloka promo code 1

pop up sale

2. No hidden charges. The price you see when you start your booking already includes taxes and other surcharges. If it says PHP1,099 at the start of the booking, it will still be PHP1,099 when you get to the payment page, unless of course you want to add more baggage or in-flight food. We love this feature because we don’t feel deceived with those hidden charges.


3. They offer multiple payment options. You can choose to pay with a Credit/Debit card, Over-the-Counter (7-Eleven, pawnshops, and Bank Deposit via Dragonpay.

payment centers

4. All transactions can be done in the app. From booking, paying, managing, and getting your e-ticket.

traveloka account

5. You can access your e-ticket in the app even when you’re offline. You can use it to check-in to your flights. No need to print them out anymore!

6. It automatically syncs in all your devices. You can access your booking details and e-tickets in all of your devices since you’re using your own account.

Traveloka App Flight Booking Tricks

These are features that we discovered while playing around with the app that we think will help you find better and cheaper deals

1. Price Alerts

In My Account or your profile, you can set up alerts to get updates if a flight for your preferred destination and schedule matches your target budget. You can set up multiple trips/destinations and the updates will be sent daily in your Traveloka App My Inbox.

traveloka price alerts

2. Travelers Picker

No need to fill up your and your companions’ names and details every time you book. You can already save their details in the app and select their names in the list when you’re booking. This feature is really helpful when you’re in a rush to get those last seats during a seat sale

traveloka passenger details

3. Best Price Finder

When choosing for departure/arrival dates, their calendar already shows you the holidays and the lowest price estimates per day. I highly suggest that you still check for seat sales’ travel period online then choose those dates in the app.

Not quite decided yet on the date? Even if you’ve started the booking process and have chosen dates, you can still change them without having to discard your booking.

traveloka calendar

4. Filters/Sort

When choosing flights, you can set up filters like budget and preferred airlines; you can also sort the list by lowest price, time of departure/arrival, and duration.

 traveloka filter

traveloka sort

5. App Exclusive Promo Codes

Once you’ve locked in your flight details, you can enter the promo code in the payment page. When we booked our flight, we got PHP600 off our total payment which we got from a promo code that they sent via email for first-time bookings. It’s like getting our optional additional baggage allowance for free! They also had an ongoing promo code for PHP500 off your total payment (for first-timers and regular app users too!) for flights during that time but of course we went with the promo code with more savings!

promo code

traveloka promo code 2

6. No rush payment

You don’t have to pay for your booking as soon as you checkout. If you’re unsure if you want to push through with the trip, you have an hour to pay for the booking but it will still be stored in your My Booking list. You can use this time allowance for instances wherein you still need to confirm if your companions will be able to join you or not. Or those moments where you’ve set up multiple flight bookings in the app but you can only choose one


Neat right? Travels with a Hobo-approved!

Booking was fast and easy too! After my credit card transaction was confirmed by a one-time password sent to my mobile, I immediately got the e-ticket in the app and also got an email confirmation.


Beep and I booked a flight to Iloilo, my hometown, for late 2017 to surprise my Lola. And we’re both excited to feast on buckets of oysters, explore Gigantes Island, and of course, spend quality time with my relatives who I last saw in Christmas of 2016.

Try the Traveloka App for yourself and let us know what you think!