#PhilippinesFirst Friday: This 7-minute Video Will Make You Want to Go Backpacking in the Philippines Now!

Mark David Acoba's Travel Diary: Backpacking Philippines 2015

Last week, we launched the first part of our #PhilippinesFirst Weekly Blog Series, where we round up articles/content published in the recent week to prove just how beautiful the Philippines is. The series is our own little way of helping our fellow Filipinos realize how lucky we are to live in this country, feel proud of our roots, and bring inspiration to travel the Philippines first before the rest of the world.

What inspired us to travel more of the Philippines this week despite the disgraceful laglag-bala extortion racket in NAIA headlining the news recently?

1. An Inspiring 7-minute Philippine Backpacking Video of a Balikbayan from Ireland 

Mark David Acoba, a Filipino fashion and wedding videographer based in Dublin, Ireland, recently went on a 2-month backpacking trip in the Philippines.

He documented his adventures in Philippine destinations like Baler, Sagada, Cebu, Palawan, Marinduque, and Manila (where he rode the MRT during rush hour!) to name a few, and created this 7-minute video as a travel diary. Mark said that it was his first time to come back home after 6 years.

In just 7 minutes, Mark made me fall in love with the Philippines again and reminded me of why I’m pushing #PhilippinesFirst. Watch it, I’m telling you, it will make you want to hop on a bus ASAP!

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2. Albay Bags Top Destination Award with $500,000 Prize for Promotion Funding

An association of travel industry stakeholders founded in 1952 called Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has given Albay the Top Destination Award in the Regions/States/Provinces category of its inaugural $1 million PATA CEO Challenge 2015.

Albay, and another winning destination (Kerala, India), will work with TripAdvisor “to develop and create digital marketing campaigns to showcase their destination to a global audience, valued at US$500,000 each.” Yes, you read that right – half a million US dollars in tourism promotion funding for our very own Albay!

PATA adds that Albay and Kerala had the most authentic, culturally diverse and innovative offerings but needed the most assistance in helping promote these assets.

Glad to know that more international organizations are recognizing the beauty of not just Palawan, but other places in our country too! Congrats Albay!

Do you have any other positive Philippine travel news from this week? Do share them in the comments!

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