Pradera Wake Park: Your New Weekend Playground in Pampanga

pradera wake park pampanga

As the pair behind Travels with a Hobo, you’d think that Beep and I are always traveling during weekends. The truth is, we’re both home buddies and often spend the weekend sleeping in and watching Netflix. We love traveling but we love our beds more! So when we do go out on weekends, it has to be something worth losing a good day of sleep and binge watching for.


One March weekend, we found just about the perfect reason to go out on a weekend — wakeboarding at Pradera Verde Wake Park in Lubao, Pampanga.

About 5 hours of drive from the South of Manila, Pradera Verde is a 315-hectare of vast greenery reimagined to be a one-stop recreational facility in the North.

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What we love about Pradera Wake Park is that you can stay in for a relaxing weekend in their spacious villas and suites and if you feel like doing something fun, you can ride the waves in the wakeboarding lakes, which are just a stone’s throw away from your room.

pradera wake park villa

Our spacious villa with a balcony was fully-equipped with everything we needed for a relaxing stay: small fridge, toiletries in the huge bathroom, complimentary water and coffee/tea, cable TV, a closet, and Wi-Fi. pradera wake park villa pradera wake park villa

During the night, we left the room for Pradera Summerfest white party at the viewdeck and when we got back an hour or two later, we were surprised to see our bed all made up with a new set of welcome treats from Pradera Verde. We had fresh towels in the bathroom too. We left our cameras and valuables in the room but none of them were missing. If you don’t want housekeeping to tidy your room when you’re out, just put the sign provided outside your door. But we appreciated that they’re taking good care of us even if we’re just staying for one night.

Since the wake park is massive, you can ride their golf carts that can take you around. Call front desk if you want to be fetched from your room.

pradera wake park villas

Pradera Wakepark is not just the newest wake park in Luzon, it’s also the only wake park in the country which has a regenerating lake and two starting docks.


If you’re just trying out wakeboarding like me and Beep, they have three  beginner lakes where park staff will assist and give you a quick lesson. The more experienced wakeboarders can play in the big lake where they can do their stunts.

If you want a more relaxing activity, they also have kayaks that you can use in the lakes.

pradera wake park kayak

pradera wake park playground

The 2-storey viewdeck located beside the big lake, houses the restaurant which serves kapampangan and international cuisines. It also has a playground and a pool for the little ones if you’re bringing the whole family.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your room, you can call the front desk to have a restaurant staff come to you with a menu and deliver your food.

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Pradera Verde is also home to the Lubao International Balloon Festival happening this April 14-17, 2016. They also have big plans in store, like the water park that they’re currently building just beside the wake park. Looks like we’ll be spending a lot of our weekends up North from now on.

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P.S. Thank you to Pradera Verde and ForThinker Inc (shoutout to AJ!) for inviting us to this year’s Pradera Summerfest! Beep and his team won 1st prize in the amazing race and EACH of them won a GoPro! Definitely worth the long drive. pradera wake park kayak