travels with a hobo

Of the 6 billion people in the world, Gem had to fall in love with Beep, a cheapskate who is proud of calling himself a hobo. Beep showed her that the best things in life, like traveling, don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg — all you need is a backpack and a sense of adventure.



Before she met Beep, an overnight out of town trip for under a thousand pesos was unthinkable. Gem loves traveling, but she was one of those ‘someday’ daydreaming people. She thinks she has zero to none skills in making a guy like her back and she’s not a good cook either (she’s working on that now), so she decided that the way to mountaineer/backpacker Beep’s heart was to impress him with budget travel planning skills and being game in ditching comfortable rooms for not so comfortable tents without toilets! It was a tough transition from the kind of travel that she was used to, but hey, she did get what she wanted and she’s enjoying seeing the world without going broke.


Beep (The Hobo)

With long samurai-like hair and a single dreadlock, it’s not hard to spot Beep in a crowd. A mountaineer and a backpacker since his college days who always left home with a backpack every weekend, Beep was thought of being an NPA rebel by his grandmother. During a trip to an island for a music festival, he didn’t realize that his usual annoying antics, stories about his adventures, and his love for foreign films would make Gem like him. He’s an extreme cheapskate who always contests the budget in every trip. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t mind sleeping in the streets just to save a hundred pesos. He’s the least romantic guy you’ll ever meet but he has his modest ways of showing Gem that he can be a keeper.

Curious about our love story? It’s all in this post: I Fell In Love with the Hobo at Malasimbo.

1. Is Beep really a hobo?

He dresses up like he’s homeless and pretends that he is, but he’s not a real hobo. Poser.

2. Are you full time travelers?

No. As much as we’d like to travel for a living, we’re yet to reach that level of wanderlust where we can easily let go of our careers with stable paychecks. We make good use of our vacation leaves and long weekends.

3. What do you do for a living, then?

Gem works for a performance marketing company while Beep is a 3D artist for a game design and development company.

4. What country are you from? Is Beep Japanese (because he looks like a samurai)?

We’re both born and raised in the Philippines. Beep thinks that he’s part Chinese and Gem doubts that a bit. Word of advice: Beep shouldn’t be taken seriously 95% of time.

5. How long have you been together?

We’ve known each other since 2010 but only became friends (and more than friends) in the first-second quarters of 2012.

6. Are you married? When do you plan to get married?

Nope, not yet. That depends on Beep because he needs to pop the question. Haha. In time. :)

7. What will happen to this blog if you break up?

We hope not! *fingers crossed* But if it does happen, the site will probably still be up and Gem will find a new hobo boyfriend. LOL. Seriously though, we talked about such unfortunate possibility and all Beep had to say was… (wait for it)… he’ll never leave Gem. *heart heart*

8. What camera do you use to take your travel photos/videos?

We use a Nikon D90 with a kit lens and a 50mm prime lens during travels, a smartphone and our trusty GoPro.

9. Why does Beep only have a single dreadlock?

That remains to be one of the greatest mysteries in the world. *insert Ancient Aliens guy meme here*