I Fell In Love with the Hobo at Malasimbo

Whenever people ask how Beep and I met, my answer depends on how much time I can spend with the person who’s asking. The quick and boring answer will go something like “We used to work together”, but if you have a lot of time to spare, the story will begin with one word, “Malasimbo”. Continue Reading →


How to Apply for a Korean Visa + Tips for Getting Approved

I’ve applied for a South Korean Visa twice for two years in a row and have gotten approved in both times, so I must be doing something right. Here is Travels with a Hobo’s Guide to Applying for a South Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos + tips to increase your chances of getting approved. Continue Reading →

el nido DIY budget travel

How We Traveled to El Nido, Palawan for 5 Days for Only Php 6,730.66 All-In [Expenses]

Last week, we asked people if they think we can successfully pull off a 5-day El Nido trip for just Php 7,000 all-in per person (we’re 5 in the group). And so yesterday morning, when our plane landed precisely at 10:30 AM at NAIA Terminal 4, we concluded our 7k El Nido Challenge. The final computation? Php 6,730.66 ($149.57)! Continue Reading →

el nido challenge

7k El Nido Challenge: Mechanics and The Plan

If we told you that you can spend 5 days in paradise on Earth that is El Nido for only Php 7,000 all-in, would you believe us? This coming week, Travels with a Hobo’s Gem and Beep (and friends) will take on the 7k El Nido Challenge. Game on!
Continue Reading →

seoul travel tips slide

Travel Korea: Tips for First-Timers in Seoul

With more people getting bitten by the Hallyu bug and interest in going to K-Pop country is at an all-time high especially for Filipinos, I’ve rounded up some travel tips for first-time tourists in Seoul for a successful budget trip. Continue Reading →


Korean DMZ Tour: Stepping Foot on North Korea

Few people in the world (including Kim Jong-Un’s BFF Dennis Rodman, tourists touring with accredited tour groups, and North Korean citizens themselves) can proudly say that “I have stepped foot on North Korea!” — I am one of those people. Continue Reading →


How You Can Travel More Without Going Broke

Is it really possible to go on a vacation every weekend or every chance you get without breaking the bank? And the answer to that is… a big resounding yes! Here are 8 tips on how you can finally fulfill your wanderlust dreams without going broke. Continue Reading →