Like Locals in Korea: Our Cozy Rooftop Apartment in Seoul

For my second trip to Seoul last April, with Beep this time, I wanted a place that actually feels like home away from home rather than a storage room where we just leave our things, one that will make us feel like were true Seoul locals so we can live out our fantasies of being the characters in Korean dramas (which we are really big fans of, FYI). But with a tight budget for 7 days and 6 nights, can we afford an actual Korean home? Continue Reading →


I Fell In Love with the Hobo at Malasimbo

Whenever people ask how Beep and I met, my answer depends on how much time I can spend with the person who’s asking. The quick and boring answer will go something like “We used to work together”, but if you have a lot of time to spare, the story will begin with one word, “Malasimbo”. Continue Reading →


How to Apply for a Korean Visa + Tips for Getting Approved

I’ve applied for a South Korean Visa twice for two years in a row and have gotten approved in both times, so I must be doing something right. Here is Travels with a Hobo’s Guide to Applying for a South Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos + tips to increase your chances of getting approved. Continue Reading →

el nido palawan DIY budget travel

How We Traveled to El Nido, Palawan for 5 Days for Only Php 6,730.66 All-In [Expenses]

Last week, we asked people if they think we can successfully pull off a 5-day El Nido trip for just Php 7,000 all-in per person (we’re 5 in the group). And so yesterday morning, when our plane landed precisely at 10:30 AM at NAIA Terminal 4, we concluded our 7k El Nido Challenge. The final computation? Php 6,730.66 ($149.57)! Continue Reading →

7k el nido challenge

7k El Nido Challenge: Mechanics and The Plan

If we told you that you can spend 5 days in paradise on Earth that is El Nido for only Php 7,000 all-in, would you believe us? This coming week, Travels with a Hobo’s Gem and Beep (and friends) will take on the 7k El Nido Challenge. Game on!
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